Lay Eucharistic Ministers are faithful servants who take communion to the home of members of the congregation who are unable to be present at the celebration because of illness or infirmity.

ECW Pastoral Care Ministries

+ TLC – The Love of Christ

The TLC (The Love of Christ) ministry provides our congregation with the opportunity to bring action out of our love for each other at Ascension. While each church member is encouraged to provide casseroles, breads and baked goods for the TLC freezer. A team of caring parishioners is organized on a monthly basis to deliver food or a special treat to our church family who are experiencing illness, special needs, or even a joyful event in life. At a time when our lives are so hectic with constant demands, the TLC ministry provides us with the blessing of God’s presence and activity around us as we pause to notice our surroundings and each other’s needs. Let us know you might be willing to explore this ministry of care.

+ Guild of the Christ Child

This team mobilizes when a new baby is born to parishioners or friends of the Ascension. The birth of a baby is a joyful time for any family. It can also add some stress during the transition time from hospital to home. This team coordinates and delivers meals to those returning home with a new baby. The crew also delivers diapers and other necessities with the food. The Guild is also on standby to assist the family, mother, father and baby in other ways.

+ Prayers and Squares

Prayer Quilt Ministry, also known as “Prayers and Squares.”
Can you touch a prayer? Can you pull it close and feel its comfort? You can if it’s part of a prayer quilt. This powerful ministry of quilts as gifts of love starts with layers of quilt pieces tied together leaving strings for people to add their personal prayers by tying knots. Recipients of prayer quilts have given moving testimony of God’s presence through these simple comforters.
No sewing skills are required, just many hands, to cut, press, piece together, and add finishing touches. Come join the group every 2nd Tuesday morning in the Quilt Room.

+ Visiting Ministry

This group ministers to our shut-ins and those residing in nursing homes with friendly visits and a caring smile. This is a special opportunity for those who want to minister to our senior parishioners.

+ Daughters of the King

Are you interested in intercessory and corporate prayer? Desire fellowship with other women who feel called to a life of prayer, service and evangelism? If so, the DOK chapter at Church of the Ascension would love to encourage you to prayerfully consider becoming a member of our chapter. We are a diverse group of women, of different ages and life experiences, but share the belief in the power of prayer, especially corporate prayer. We pray daily by name, for every person on the church prayer list and hope that each individual feels uplifted by knowing we are praying specifically for his or her need. Daughters of the King is organized as a religious order, and membership requires a training period in which each woman discerns if she is called to be a Daughter. We are recognized by the silver cross we wear, designed and trademarked for the exclusive use of the Order.
We are also a social group who love to get together for fellowship. We have great love and respect for each other and have fun together! DOK is blessed with wonderful, prayerful women and we would love to embrace any woman who feels called to be a member.