From the Rector concerning Christian Community in Action

This week is Holy Week and though we won’t be able to celebrate all of our traditions over the course of the week, we hope you will find that your worship and faith grow. There will be palms on Palm Sunday and there is a “How-to” video on our Facebook page if you would like to make your own palm crosses. We will offer Noon Day Prayer Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with a reflection from John Bagby. Maundy Thursday we will strip the altar in the context of Evening Prayer. Good Friday we will venerate the cross and celebrate the liturgy of the day at 12 noon. Saturday night at 7:12pm we will bring in Easter with the Easter Vigil within the liturgy of Compline. And, of course, Sunday morning we will stream a Eucharist beginning at 6am. From 9am – 11am, the Reserved Sacrament will be available for pick-up at the church but you must call the church or email to let us know the name of your household and the number of hosts you would like. There won’t be a cross to flower but there will be flowers on the altar and a joyous celebration of Christ’s resurrection that can be viewed and worshiped in an on-line setting.
We’ve been working hard on our technical difficulties and hope that the buffering issues and audio have been resolved. Part of the problem is that the internet is slowing down broadband speed to adjust for increased traffic. To that end, we are streaming our services at 7:30am in an attempt to take advantage of a less popular internet usage time. I hope you will find that a helpful strategy in your ability to participate in the liturgy with us. I cannot assure you that you will not experience any issues with buffering, but we will continue to work toward bringing you the best quality we can muster as we work to overcome our own A/V technological learning curve. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and patience with us at this time. We love worshiping with you and will do whatever we can to continue to do so.
Light and Life,




Due to COVID-19, our worship hours will change. 

Sunday Morning Prayer at 7:30am

We will stream Morning Prayer on our website, YouTube and Facebook page. The video will be available to watch any time after 7:30 AM through the links below:

The website stream is available through the link below that is in bright green, or found HERE

YouTube stream can be watched HERE.

The Facebook stream can be found HERE.

The service bulletin can be found HERE and you can print this for your convenience.

You can watch the recorded video later from our website archives HERE.


Weekday Morning Prayer at 8:00am

We will stream on Facebook Live and you can watch by clicking HERE.

You can watch the recorded video later from our website archives HERE.


Stay tuned to the website and Facebook page for further updates as we work through this together.




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