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Final Thoughts from the Rector Search Committee

Our charge from the Vestry was to recommend a priest to the Vestry for its consideration for the position of Rector-Elect. We have completed our task, but we did not do so without substantial support & assistance from a number of sources. We take this opportunity to share our appreciation to the following:

• Ascension congregation for your prayers, referrals, survey responses, questions and suggestions, encouragement and patience.

• 2017 and 2018 Vestry members who provided the funds to do our work, words of support and prayers, and gave their time to meet and greet all 3 finalists.

• Ascension Staff who provided information for the Parish Profile, assisted with the survey, facilitated communications, paid bills, and set-up for more than 21 meetings.

• Ascension Clergy who provided input for the Profile, spiritual support & made time to meet with the 3 finalists.

• Libby Weatherly, Emily Thomas, and Margaret and Bill Cunningham who donated their talents to make our Parish Profile a work of art.

• Phelps Reid for leading tours of Montgomery for our finalists.

• Scott Bamman for sharing his experience leading a prior rector search committee, particularly his advice and form letters.

• Polly Williamson as Sr. Warden who encouraged us but never rushed us and kept us in our lane.

• Sarah Sartain, our Diocesan Consultant, and Bishop Kee Sloan for their advice, referrals and quick responses.

• John Wilson, 2017 Sr. Warden, for appointing a diverse committee of people who stayed committed to the process & were open to the Holy Spirit.

• All the candidates who were so willing to open themselves to the Holy Spirit through the discernment process.

• Candice Frazer for being God’s servant and answering the call.

• God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit for leading us throughout the process.

Just before going to bed after our final meeting as a Committee, I received an email from one of our Committee members. I share it with you because it summarizes our work.

It’s late on this incredible night that we have chosen a new rector for our wonderful church. Thanks to all of you for the love and caring friendship that we formed with each other. I didn’t expect to find a family but that’s exactly what I did. The Holy Spirit has been with us all these months and certainly was tonight. I thank God (and John) that I was able to be a part of the process. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you and with our candidate. God’s peace and much love.


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