Hispanic ministries party at Episcopal Church of The Ascension

Hispanic Ministries /Ministerios Hispanos

Worship/El Culto

At Ascension, we've been called to serve God's people by growing a community where everyone--regardless of ethnic, language or social background--feels at home. On Sunday, our worship services include a Liturgy of the Word, which is held in the Upper Room for our Spanish-speaking members. Members participate in the readings, prayer and sermon in Spanish. We rejoin the rest of the congregation for the Liturgy of the Table, taking communion with the rest of the congregation. At different times of the year, we have a Spanish-speaking priest celebrate Holy Eucharist in Spanish.

We also celebrate several festivals special to the Hispanic community, such as Our Lady of Guadalupe; Las Posadas (a traditional Mexican Christmas pageant with music and prayers); and the Day of the Dead, or Misa de Fieles Difuntos, the traditional Christian Mass for the Faithful Departed.

En la iglesia de la Ascensión, hemos sido llamados por Dios a servir al pueblo de Dios, formando una comunidad donde todo el mundo—independientemente de su etnicidad, idioma u origen cultural y social—se siente bienvenido. Los domingos, nuestros servicios incluyen la Liturgia de la Palabra que se celebra en español en uno de los salones de nuestro plantel (el Upper Room). Los participantes hacemos las lecturas, la oración y el sermón en español. Luego, nos volvemos a unir con el resto de la congregación para la comunión.

Además celebramos varios días festivos de la comunidad hispana, tales como Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Las Posadas (fiesta tradicional mexicana con música y oraciones), y el Día de los Muertos que se celebra con la Misa de Fieles Difuntos.

English Language Classes/Clases de inglés

Currently, basic English language instruction is offered at Ascension, for those who have never had any exposure to English and for those who speak some English.

Actualmente, ofrecemos clases de inglés en la Ascensión para personas que son principiantes o hablan un poco de inglés.

Social Services Assistance/Asistencia de servicios sociales

Whenever asked, we accompany and act as interpreters and advocates for Spanish-speaking area residents. We assist in explaining the intricacies of governmental agencies, help in medical situations and interpret over the phone. We also assist non-Hispanics in understanding Hispanic customs, such as compound Hispanic surnames.

Cuando se nos solicita, estamos dispuestos a servir de intérpretes y acompañar a personas de habla española a citas o eventos donde necesitan este tipo de ayuda. Además, cuando es necesario, estamos dispuesto a abogar por ellos. Ayudamos a explicar las particularidades de agencias gubernamentales, brindamos asistencia en situaciones médicas y ofrecemos servicio de interpretación por teléfono. También ayudamos a las personas que no conocen la cultura hispana a comprender nuestras costumbres, tales come el uso de dos apellidos.

Building the Kingdom/Ayudamos a construir el Reino de Dios

We can make Montgomery a positive example for other cities. Ascension has participates in, and many times hosts, workshops and community events that assist immigrant rights organizations. Members of Ascension, as well as our clergy and bishops, have been active leaders in advocating for a just and inclusive Alabama.

We envision creating a Latino community center that will offer services and information where survival skills, literacy in English, spiritual growth and social development can be fostered. Will you prayerfully join us in this work?

Podemos convertir a Montgomery en un ejemplo positivo para otras ciudades. La iglesia de la Ascensión participa en muchos talleres y eventos comunitarios patrocinados por organizaciones que protegen los derechos del inmigrante. Con frecuencia, tales eventos y talleres se llevan a cabo en nuestra sede. Miembro de nuestra iglesia, así como el clero y los obispos juegan un papel activo abogando por la justicia y la inclusión en Alabama.

Nuestra visión es crear un centro comunitario latino que brindará servicios e información, y donde la persona hispana encuentra el apoyo y los recursos de alfabetización en inglés, desarrollo social y espiritual y habilidades para desenvolverse en nuestra comunidad. ¿Podemos contar con su participación en esta obra por medio de su oración y labor?

woman holding a bag of beans

Beans and Rice

Our ministry is emphatically local! We gather in the parking lot of our church near Joshua House and give two pounds of dried beans and three pounds of uncooked rice, mostly to our neighbors, on the second Saturday morning of each month. Additionally, we offer small toiletries, (sample size soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) as well as bread, and a varied assortment of canned goods, fruit and peanut butter generously donated by our church members. The Beans And Rice Ministry is a good outreach to join if you cannot commit much time but wish to be involved. Distributing the beans and rice happens from 9 am until 11 am on the second Saturday of each month. Scooping the beans and rice into plastic bags for distribution requires about two hours every two or three months and donating toiletries can be done instantly by dropping them into a basket by the church office.


community outreach at Episcopal Church of The Ascension

Reality and Truth

Truth and Reality is the manifestation of Ladonna Brendle's faith. Ladonna began by taking sandwiches to homeless in the park. She met the homeless where they were and took them food and compassion. Since that time she has managed to pull together a loose confederation of organizations that help feed over a 100 people each day. On the first Monday of each month, the Church of the Ascension prepares and serves a meal. A portion of our outreach also helps Truth and Reality to support the homeless with counseling, donated cloths, haircuts and laundry service. 

For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to the poor, and to thy needy, in thy land. 

–Deuteronomy 15:11

exterior of Episcopal Church of The Ascension

Family Promise

Family Promise is a national organization that serves transitionally homeless families with children. In the Montgomery area Ascension and thirteen other churches of varying denominations serve as host congregations to care for participants in the Interfaith Hospitality Network program. Several times a year each church provides meals and housing for a week for several families. During the day, the group is based at the city's Family Promise Center, which is run by a director who is a social worker. There they receive counseling in financial and other matters; the adults look for employment if they don't already have a job. The older children attend local schools. At Ascension our guests stay in the Joshua House, a free-standing facility with a kitchen, living room, rooms that we convert into bedrooms, and bathrooms. Many church members volunteer a few hours to prepare the space, to be with these families in the evening, to cook for them, or to wash linens, a wonderful opportunity to minister to those in need with compassion and respect.

food pantry items

The Lord’s Pantry

The Church of the Ascension ongoing food ministries are complemented by the distribution of nonperishable foods boxes for families in need throughout the year. The Food Packing Program packs food boxes designed to provide a several day supply of food stuffs. Food boxes are distributed individually and delivered to needy families quarterly. Help is always welcome to assist in packing and distribution. As with all ministries it is the efforts and commitments of individuals that make this possible.

tutoring children in the community

Wednesday Night Tutoring –New Beginnings

Our primary task is to help the children, most of whom come from Paterson Court, with their homework one-on-one on Wednesday evenings, so that they understand better whatever they are studying, and thus improve their grades.  We help them with their manners and behavior, too, and play games with them. They come with lots of big smiles and lots of energy.  It is our job to direct that energy into constructive paths and help them develop their talents, whatever they are.

The tutoring program provides us with an opportunity to reach out to our neighbors, recognize their needs, and endeavor to help them.  For the children, it is an opportunity to see the world beyond their doorstep, and for us, an opportunity to expose them to more learning experiences than they otherwise might have.

girl painting a door while on a mission trip

Mission Trips

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far. Go together.

The 2015 Costa Rica Mission trip was an amazing gift given to Ascension. Those who went felt blessed to be there, and certainly returned home with greater understanding of why God calls for us to go in peace to serve Him. We went to Costa Rica as risk takers, working to together to serve God by serving others. Many of us had no idea what to expect.

meals prepared for meals on wheels

Meals On Wheels

Twice a month volunteers gather to prepare and assemble meals for the Meals On Wheels Frozen Meals Program. The 200 meals supplied by Church of the Ascension, along with those prepared by other churches and organizations, provide weekly meals for homebound seniors in our community.

angel tree christmas

Angel Tree

Milton Lewis Memorial Angel Tree Shopping

Each year Ascension volunteers raise money and shop for Christmas presents for needy children. Ascension members gather to shop on the first Saturday in December. Each year the church contributions make gifts a reality for many children.